Hamrick Mills produces top-quality, greige woven fabrics for use in the home furnishings, industrial, apparel and support apparel markets.  Manufacturing operations are versatile, efficient and responsive to customer needs.

Characteristics of our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Gaffney, SC are:

  • Fabrics manufactured in poly-cotton and 100% cotton blends
  • widths from 48" to 135"
  • weights from <2 to 6 ounces/square yard  
  • Internal yarns are spun on Murata Air Jet and Murata Vortex high speed spinning machines
  • yarn sizes from 15/1's to 40/1's (Ne) English count
  • Popular weave structures include Twills, Poplins, Oxfords, Herringbones, plain weave constructions and some dobby capabilities
  • Selvages can be fringe or tucked
  • Design and development services available to meet custom fabric construction needs
  • A variety of filling yarn sizes and blends can be  utilized with the company's Air Jet and Projectile looms for simple product modifications

Current market segments served include:

  • Apparel -- for shirting, healthcare gowns and scrubs, and career and performance apparel
  • Support Apparel -- for pocketings, waistband linings, and interlinings for shirting
  • Home furnishings -- sheetings, comforters, mattress pad backings, upholstery deckings, blackout curtains, drapes, shower curtains and tickings for pillows and duvets
  • Industrial products -- coating substrates such as tapes, book bindings, industrial aprons,  window shades, buffing cloths, industrial wipes, flocking substrates, and high pressure laminate fabrics                      

Additionally, Hamrick Mills is a licensed manufacturer of dri-release® brand fabrics used in sheeting and shirting applications. We can also produce fabrics utilizing specialty fibers such as Cocona ®, bamboo, recycled polyester, and more.

Hamrick Mills always welcomes the opportunity to work with you to design and produce a quality fabric for your specific end use.