A Brief History

In January of 1900, a new textile organization was formed in Gaffney, South Carolina under the name of Limestone Mills, with  Dr. Wylie C. Hamrick elected as Secretary and Treasurer -- in effect, the chief operating officer.   

Already an influential figure in the community as a doctor, owner of drugstores and a dry goods store, and chair of a committee that oversaw the formation of Cherokee County in 1897, Dr. Hamrick and other investors created Limestone Mills to manufacture window shade cloth. The new venture thrived, and later sons and grandsons would follow him into the growing business.

Later renamed Hamrick Mills, the company is firmly woven into the fabric of the county, the state and the textile industry. Its hands-on family structure gives Hamrick Mills a culture that ensures integrity, flexibility, responsiveness and total commitment to customer needs.  

Hamrick Mills has maintained success over time by responding and adapting to change, investing in technology, and remaining totally customer focused in its efforts.  Today’s two-plant operation, corporate headquarters and sales offices are all located in Gaffney, SC in the center of the I-85 growth corridor, under the direction of the fourth and fifth-generation family members.